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Photo ID Solutions

We offer a wide selection of pre-configured photo ID solutions that fit your budget and identification card badging needs. These photo ID card badging systems can be quickly implemented allowing you to begin producing your identification cards for: Student ID cards, police, EMS, staff, visitor and corporate personnel.

1. LAMINATED ID Card System using Teslin paper
    No more cut and paste. Use your existing computer and inkjet or laser printer to
     produce you ID cards. Maintains a database of information and pictures.  Includes
     IDsPlus Lite, laminator, 25 teslin ID sheets with 8 inserts per sheet, and butterfly
     pouches for 200 ID cards..

2. Magicard Alto ID
    The perfect entry level system for low volume identification card production needs..
    This single side printer creates full color identification badges in about 30 seconds.
    System includes IDsPlus Lite, Alto ID card printer 1 ribbon and 100 cards, and a
    cleaning kit. With or without a camera. Printer includes a two-    year UltraCover

3. Magicard Rio or Tango
    Choose a single or dual side printer solution to meet your identification card Badging
    system requirements. The perfect solution for medium to high volume ID card
    production. .System includes IDsPlus Lite, printer, one dye film ribbon, a box of 500
    cards and a cleaning kit. Available with or without a camera. Printer includes a two-
    year UltraCover warranty.

4. Fargo C30
    Choose the printer that meets your identification card badging needs  and budget.
    These printers are ideal for low to medium badge production needs. System comes
    with IDsPlus Lite, or the optional Fargo Build-A-Badge software for single side
    printing, printer, one ribbon, one box of 500 cards and a cleaning kit.
    Available with or without a camera. Printer includes a two year factory warranty.


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