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Neck lanyards are a convenient way to display identification cards. Custom printed lanyards personalized with your company name and logo are a great way to promote your company. Lanyards, whether generic or personalized, are easy for the employee's to display their identification cards. Whether you want generic lanyards, custom lanyards or neck chains, we have them.



 Breakaway Lanyard - 35 inch length, ½ inch width

Attachment – Where A =: 6 – J-Hook, 5 – Bull-Dog (Shown)
Color – Where C =: A – Red, B = White, C = Blue, D = Black, E = White

(Order in increments of 25 pieces) 





Breakaway Flat Woven Nylon Lanyard 3/8 inch width

Attachment - Where XX = 36 NPS Split Ring, 40 = Plastic Slide Hook, 50 = NPS Swivel Hook, 60 = Bulldog Hook

Color – Where YY: 01 = Black, 02 = Royal Blue, 04 = Green, 06 = Red
(Other colors available via special order) 

(Order in increments of 25 pieces)



Pre-printed “People” Imprint breakaway lanyards. Available in 5/8 inch width only.
Order in increments of 100 pieces

Click on Part Number to order
Call Special Order

2138-4215 With Plastic Hook Stars and Stripes Imprint
With Plastic Hook Visitor Imprint
2138-4210 With Plastic Hook  Staff Imprint
2138-4205 With Plastic Hook  V.I.P Imprint

2138-4225 With Plastic Hook  Contractor Imprint
2138-4230 With Plastic Hook Volunteer Imprint
2138-4220 With Plastic Hook Temporary Imprint




 NPS Neck Chain

NPS beaded neck chain with connector. 30 inch.






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