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Persona C30 Features
Easy-loading, all-in-one ribbon cartridge with integrated cleaning roller. Direct-to-card, full-color printing.

Making high-quality plastic ID cards is incredibly easy, with the Persona C30 ID Card Printer. It’s so easy to operate, there’s virtually no learning curve or maintenance. Time to change the ribbon? The ribbon cartridge contains both the printer ribbon and card-cleaning roller all in one disposable cartridge. Just slide it into the printer, and start printing. The Persona C30 prints text, logos, bar codes, signatures, and photos in full color. Add an optional magnetic stripe encoding module to increase the versatility of your cards.

Optional Dual-sided printing makes personalizing both card sides quick and efficient. Cards are flipped inside the printer so both sides are printed in one pass. Reduces card handling hassles; when a card drops into the output hopper, it’s done.


Easy-loading, all-in-one ribbon cartridge saves time and eliminates the expense (and mess) of torn, wasted ribbons. Simply open the front panel of the C30, slide in the ribbon cartridge, close the panel, and you’re done. There’s nothing to feed, nothing to fumble with, and nothing to tear.

Integrated card cleaning roller helps maintain print quality while protecting your C30’s printhead. It automatically removes potentially damaging dust and debris from each card before it’s printed. The cleaning roller is ingeniously integrated into the all-in-one ribbon cartridge, so you never have to mess with changing a separate cleaning roller or ribbon.

Direct-to-card printing. Dye-sublimation/resin thermal transfer technology prints sharp, clear images directly onto the surface of the plastic ID card. Dye-sublimation produces smooth, continuous-tone images that look truly photographic in more than 16.7 million colors. Resin thermal transfer uses a single-color ribbon to print sharp black text and crisp bar codes that can be read by infrared and visible-light scanners.

Simple plug-and print operation makes Persona C30 ID Card Printers as easy to use as a regular office printer.

Includes Build-A-Badge software. Entry-level, user-friendly application for designing and printing photo ID cards.

Two-year warranty, with depot service at the factory.

Get started quickly, with no worries.
The C30 comes standard with entry-level card identity software and a two-year warranty. (Download Build-A-Badge Spec Sheet by selecting Save Target As.) You can be up and running with a fully functional system from day one. The C30 is easily the best value for your budget.

Upgrade you software selection to our IDsPlus Lite for even greater ID software functionality for only $299.00. You receive unlimited telephone support to get you up and going.

Compatibility is guaranteed.
The Fargo C30 Card Printer/Encoder meets Microsoft® standards for Windows® compatibility.

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