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ID Card Accessories

ID card accessories make wearing an ID card easy. Make your company's ID cards easier to display and your employees will wear it more. If you personalize them with custom printing you'll make your employees and guests feel special. By printing your company name and logo on a badge holder or badge reel you've made it unique; no one else can have one like it unless they belong to your group. It also increases the security because you can see the printing, or lack thereof, at a distance.

For custom badge reels or badge holders we will provide a custom quote based on the quantity required. Forward an email describing your requirements and we will forward a custom price quote

To order any of our products visit our on-line store. You can search for the category or browse through our index to find the appropriate product category.

vinyl strapclip


9600-104N Vinyl Strap Clip Ė Clear vinyl, 2 Ĺ inch strap

(Order in increments of 25 pieces)


Rubber tipped strap clip


2105-3170 2 hole Clip with Black Rubberized Tip. Nickel-plated steel w/ 2 3/4 inch clear vinyl strap.

(Order in increments of 25 pieces)


9600-506n portrait badge holder


 Portrait Badge Holder for CR-80 Size IDís 

 Landscape Badge Holder for CR-80 Size IDís

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Order in increments of 25 pieces



 Heavy Duty Badge Reel Black Chrome with re-enforced vinyl strap and
nylon cord

Order in increments of 25 pieces



 Round Solid Color Clip-on Badge Reels - with reinforced vinyl strap. Diameter 1 ľ inch, cord length 30 inches. 

Click on Part Number to Order


Order in increments of 25 pieces 




 Stapler Style Slot Punch w/Guide 

$49.95 each


Click here to order


  Table Top Slot Punch with Guide







 Topaz Signature Capture Pad (USB)

Click on Part Number to order

Allows capturing signatures directly into IDsPlus application for printing only on ID cards. Uses a proprietary algorithm when storing captured signatures which can only be displayed within the IDsPlus photo ID software to provide security for the signature.